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What’s My Budget?

One of the biggest questions that will need to be answered before any project or renovation takes off is “what’s my budget?”  It is also one of the hardest questions to answer for most people seeking to hire a designer.  As a DIY client, there will be projects that you can complete that will save you a ton!

Hopefully, this will shed some light on how to figure out what is your budget.  Here are some questions to answer first.

  1.  Have I saved any money for this project/renovation?
  2.  What projects can we do ourselves?
  3. What supplies do we already have on hand?
  4. How many people will I need to hire to complete this project?

Which leads to the next step.  Can I afford a Designer?  Do I need one?

Designer to the rescue

My job, as the designer, is to help you not only envision your space but also save you a lot of time, money, and stress getting it to completion.  Most clients come to me wanting a new and fresh space but typically cannot envision it completed.  Another big help, as a designer, is navigating the process.  No one wants to have to go back and tear up/out something because they skipped too many steps.  Quality work that will not have to be repaired is what the end goal should be.  Another big part of my job is to help you decide and pull the trigger.  How many times have you been overwhelmed by options and stuck on your decision?  For most clients, too many!

The designer helps with accuracy of cost estimates as well.  This is a crucial part of any homeowner’s budget.  Because we do many projects, we have ways to find and buy things not offered to clients.  It means BIG savings for you.

Back to the Budget

Having figured out which space is getting decorated/renovated, it is time to put the pencil to paper and figure out costs.  For the Fearless & Fun FB Live series with Harbour Breeze, we have been working on a living and dining room open space.

Here’s the breakdown for the DIY client:

  1.  What is going to need to be purchased? (i.e. the sofa)
  2.   What projects can we DIY?  (i.e. shiplap wall ~ painted desk ~ paint the walls)
  3.   Are there companies willing to sponsor/donate any items?
  4.   Where can we save money on purchases? (i.e. IKEA bookshelves vs. Custom)


Here’s the breakdown for the Designer:

  1.  Consult for style and color preferences
  2.  Inspiration/Mood Board
  3.  Sourcing items for the space to get best pricing
  4.  Soundboard for decision making
  5.  Lead clients with direction of steps and order
  6.  Know what will work and help client see the big picture
  7.  Keeps things on time and on task

There are many more steps as a Designer, but if you look at 1-7 above and say “that will save me time/money/stress”, then you know to budget for a Designer.

You can find the details of my services at The Farmhouse Native

Always plan for…

Always put a 20% contingency plan in your budget.  Inevitably, something will change in price or you will decide you like the $1000 sofa vs the $800 one.  Having the contingency plan keeps the project flowing and the stress at bay.

Budget can be a bad word for some people, and that is understandable.  It does not, however, have to complicate your project or overwhelm your pocketbook.


Hope this helps ~

Melissa Crossland



all photos were taken from www.countryliving.com


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