Sufficient Grace ~ A mother’s prayer

2Corinthians 12:9-10 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

At some point in time in my mother’s heart, I tried to prepare myself for having an almost grown man as my son.  I failed miserably!

My daily mother’s prayers for all of my three children were this:

“Lord, help me to be the mother you called me to be specifically for each child; forgive us all for our sins so that there be nothing standing between you and us; keep them from temptation and may we be caught when guilty; help them to be respectful in all situations; keep them away from wrong people and wrong places; help them to stay pure until marriage as well as the one they marry; and Lord, humble me to teach them your ways above mine.” Amen

One thing I know to be true is, prayer works!  The Lord hears us and equips us. A mother’s prayers are powerful and fierce.

Was I able to receive sufficient grace?  I could give it, but could I receive it?

The bigger question was “do I deserve it?”  in my own eyes, no, but in God’s eyes, a resounding yes.  One thing to note; I, from the time I knew he was a boy, committed to raising “a godly man, husband and father”.  That’s it!  The only goal and end game in mind.  Today, he is 16 almost 17, and I can say honestly “I’ve done that!”

This season of letting go

So why is this season so hard?  Why does the thought of him being a Senior next year bring me to tears?  Why is “letting go” so gut wrenching?

I have been a mama my ENTIRE adult life.  I have been a teen mom, single mom, married w kids mom, angel baby mom…all the moms lol.  It’s literally all I feel I do well.  I know that isn’t true, but in my heart, if you asked me, I know I mom my kids well.

Here’s what’s happened just in the last 6 months with my son:

Parent-Taught Drivers Ed – Check

Passing driver’s test – Check

Driver’s License – Check

Two outstanding Football achievements – Check

Two football combines for recruiting/scouting for colleges – Check

Started college touring – Check

Bought his own used truck – Check

Started working for himself on a farm and a corn maze (two jobs) – Check

Began a relationship with a girl (insert sad mommy face) – Check

Grew more  ~ he’s now 6’5″ and is still growing!! – Check (as in I need one for groceries lol)

A strong work ethic; respectfulness; moral integrity and character; and a living relationship with God are all I truly care about as a mama.  The grades, achievements, ups and downs, mistakes, failures, etc. are butter to me.  I enjoy all of those teachable and learning moments, but my heart stays focused on what matters.  “How’s your heart?” and “Are you right with God?”

The point is, there are days I am celebrating his growing up, and days I am crying that he isn’t 4 anymore.  I know you can relate as a mama.  I am thankful for God’s grace in all of it.  Thankful that my son, and his sisters, are all in His hands.  Thankful to be their mama! Mostly thankful that God’s got us amen!?

Many Blessings ~


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