So What Do You Eat?

Except it happens more like this…the person’s eyes get real squinty, and they looked dazed and confused as they ask “so, what DO you eat??!!”

I’ll take you back to the beginning of this journey of figuring out what my body was SCREAMING at me telling me “don’t EVER put that in your mouth again!” and why I needed to know.

It was March 5, 2012.  My 37th birthday to be exact, and I had made a doctor’s appt to figure out why my body hated me.  By the way, so did my digestive system, my skin, my face, my hair, and my joints and bones.  The diagnosis was Depression/Fibromyalgia (possible Rheumatoid Arthritis)/Leaky Gut/IBS/Anxiety/Extreme Fatigue/Low Cortisol/bottom levels of Progesterone/Estrogen Dominance and the list of medications was a mile long that would basically slap a bandaid over the symptoms I already had and cause MORE symptoms I did not want.  Anytime I am dealt the truth card in my life, I take a minute to process it all, and then handle it.

I informed my doctor that there was no way on God’s green Earth I was taking that much medications for the rest of my life, and he needed to give me an alternative to fix the root of all of these problems!  I said it pretty much just like that.  Was there a better way?

Thankfully, God put this set of doctors in my life knowing that the more holistic approach, when available, is one I will choose time and time again over a list of meds that don’t really work.  My doctor sent me for a blood test called an ALCAT.  It wasn’t approved by insurance and neither was the Saliva Test for hormones and cortisol levels, so doing these two tests took some trust and commitment.  Hundreds of dollars is a lot to most people, and I prayed for clear and concise results.

What I received though, I was NOT prepared for!

The Results

An ALCAT test tells you over 250+ foods, food additives and chemicals that respond to your specific blood.  It gives you a RED category which means NEVER eat these things again, an ORANGE category which means put these foods in your system sparingly only every 4-6 months and a GREEN category which means LOAD UP!!  Let me just say that when I saw my RED list, I gasped and cried!!  It was either foods I was consuming daily (thinking they were healthy) or foods I have detested my whole life.  Kind of a love/hate relationship formed with this list.  The question was posed…

“So what DO I eat?”

Let me tell you, first, what I do not eat.  My list was so long, it overwhelmed me in the beginning.  Here is the highlights:

NO: (The foods I ate/consumed daily/weekly)

Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Grains/Eggs/Coffee/Black Pepper/Mushrooms/Apples/Bananas/Tuna/Scallops/Lobster/Beef/Refined Sugars/HFCS/Aspertame

So basically, I couldn’t keep eating oatmeal, toast and eggs or an omelet with mushrooms and cheese.  I couldn’t eat two of my favorite fruits.  No more tunafish sandwiches..or sandwiches at all.  No dairy, which means no ice cream, cheese, chocolate, etc.  Nothing with ANY kind of sugar whether real or artificial…Aspertame is in EVERYTHING “sugar-free” or “diet” and is the feces (yep poop) of E Coli bacteria!!  Betcha didn’t know that one!  It also hides itself as like 20 other label names too….gives me Migraines from Hell!!! Oh and if that isn’t bad enough…soy and sugar are in EVERYTHING that has ever been processed like EVER…I mean everything!!  Go ahead…read your labels.

The other stuff on my RED list which did’t really matter because they are nasty anyway are: Bell Peppers/Brussel Sprouts/Cabbage/Lamb/Onions/BPA/Yellow#6/Red#? among others but who cares really…I didn’t eat this stuff anyway!

“So what do you eat?”

This question plagued me for weeks.  Undoing my whole life’s diet was HARD to say the least.  I cried for literally two weeks before I could pull my big girl panties up and move forward with knowledge and power.  I truly believe that knowledge is power, and if we are to be healthy, then we need to know what OUR body needs.  No catch phrases like “clean eating” or diets like “Paleo” or “Dash” or “Keto” work for everyone.  You have to be able to make and buy food that fits your own personal body.

After years of trying nasty gluten-free breads and various other expensive items that weren’t worth a dime, I came to the realization that “if I can’t grow it or kill it…I’m not going to eat it”.  I have days or weeks even when I feel alone even in my own family and feel sorry for myself for having to “miss out” BUT what this change did for my body, I will always be grateful for.

New diagnosis

No more depression/anxiety/IBS/fibromyalgia….or ANY of the list I shared with you before.  Within 3 months of taking my red/orange lists out of my diet…I was better!  Not just “ah, I feel alright” better, but “I feel so good, I’m going to do/teach Zumba” and I did! Could food have so many negative effects on my body that I hurt all the time, felt fatigued all the time, had digestive issues all the time (most times before even leaving the restaurants…sorry TMI) My answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Since 2012, I’ve learned that eating right for me, a well as dealing with emotional issues and wounds, and meditating on prayer and God’s word daily is what works for me and keeps my mind/body/soul healthy.  It’s been a long journey.  I have failed many times…and regretted it many times…let’s face it…sometimes I want a dang burger or white bread ya’ll!!

If I am to stay healthy, I have to follow what the truth is over my life.  I have to be intentional with what I eat, think, say and live out.  I pray this shines some light for anyone who may be dealing with some of the same issues.

Here’s a link to more information about an ALCAT test

Give me a shout and leave me a comment on your thoughts or how it has worked for you too…

Many Blessings,


  1. Melissa Smythe says:

    Loved your blog. My husband and I try really hard to be as holistic as we can. Thank you so much for your testimony! We have not taken the ALCAT but we done the hormone testing. I liked what you said about if I can’t grow it or kill it I don’t eat it. This is our goal too.

    • Melissa Crossland says:

      Thanks Melissa! I’m happy to know we are not alone lol. I wish I’d had this info in my early 20’s, so it feels good to share and help others too!

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