Ridesharing Safety

Rise Share Safety

What you (as the Parent need to know):

We all know of the convenient ridesharing apps right!?  Well, there are some ridesharing safety tips for both girls/boys and women/men that each of us needs to know and DO before we enter a rideshare vehicle. 

NOTE:  Most ridesharing vehicles & drivers are very good people that do their jobs well. 

This is just a mere precaution for parents and their children/teenagers to insure ridesharing safety.

Ridesharing safety is so important to teach our kids.  It is a subject, we as parents, did not grow up with; so it’s imperative that we learn.

Here are my Top 3 tips for Parents:

  1.  Have the Geo locator on for your kids at all times.  Even If they give you flack about it; tell them it’s imperative that they NEVER turn it off.  Assure them that you’re not stalking or tracking their every whereabouts (trust is key with teens); but how important it is that you be able to find them quickly in an emergency.  It also helps if mom has “Find my phone/tablet” when they have misplaced it too 🙂
  2. Teach them to call you once they have entered a stranger’s vehicle.  The ride share driver will not care (if he/she is a decent human being) if they are calling their mom!  Let your child know that it is perfectly okay for your teen to stay on the phone the whole time if that is what it takes for them to feel safe until they arrive to their intended location.
  3. Teach them how to say “No thank you” if they feel uncomfortable about the driver or vehicle that shows up.  Now, we cannot teach them to say “No thank you” because a minivan shows up and they’d rather have a BMW; but if your child/teen doesn’t want to get into a car with a smoker/vaper, it’s okay to tell that driver “hey, I’m so sorry, but I asked for a non-smoker driver/car because it makes me feel nauseous or gives me a migraine.”

What every Teenager (boy or girl) needs to know:

Our teenagers are totally on board most times when it comes to someone doing/delivering/picking them up to get what or where they want to go.  With ridesharing services, our children/teens need to know how to stay safe in these vehicles.

Here are my Top 3 tips for Teens:

  1.  Keep your Geo Locator on so your parents can find you!  Also, know the app you are using.  Where is the Emergency Feature of this app?  Each ridesharing app should have an emergency feature.  When this feature is open, it will have a “Dial 911” and The Make, Model and License Plate of the vehicle you are in.  Know it well.
  2. BEFORE YOU GET IN THIS VEHICLE  – Check that the vehicle matches the Make (like Ford), The Model (like Ford Fusion) and The License Plate ALL match what the app states.  They all have to match before you get in.  Anyone can mislead you and say they are your driver!
  3. HERE IS THE 2ND YOU DO BEFORE YOU GET IN – Ask The driver “What is My name?”  The rideshare driver will know your name if he/she is supposed to pick you up.  If they cannot tell you it, DO NOT GET IN!  Take a quick pick of the vehicle, and call 911 immediately.

No Fear – Just Safety First

We do not want our children to live in fear of modern conveniences; however, we have to teach them ahead of time how to be safe.

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