Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019 + You Matter

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 + You Matter

***this post DOES contain some Affiliate Links***

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What I love about gift guides, especially ones linked with Amazon Prime.  Well, it’s simple and easy for our last-minute oh so ever appreciative of mom family members to shop for us 2-3 days before Mother’s Day! (she says sarcastically)

No, but really.  Who cares WHEN they bought it?  The real thing that matters is:

  1.  They are thinking of you MOM
  2. They are asking you specifically what you want
  3. It arrives on time!! YAY!!

Amazon, you have my heart!

Mamas or their family members, it does NOT get any easier than this!  Here are some of my tried and true favorites that I know other moms use and LOVE:

  1.  Easy Meal Prep and Take my Lunch to Work or just make my life simple Glass Meal Prep Containers
  2. Keep my Coffee HOT plus a straw to keep my teeth WHITE The ONLY tumblr you’ll ever need mama PLUS they come in every color and style you will ever love
  3. Just let me live in this thing! The softest and most comfy
  4. My feet need comfort too!  I’ve got you boo! Comfy feet + Happy Mama and f you’re like me and don’t like HOT feet but still want comfort… here ya go Flip flops for Life
  5. If you are also like most moms that would love nothing more than just to go shopping alone… these are for you too. Ulta Starbucks

You can find these and much more here

Mama Co-Op

Many of you mamas have been inquiring about the upcoming launch of Mama Co-Op Community.  I am happy to announce it will be launching August 1, 2019!  I cannot wait to share more details with you here and on the Building and Growing Your Best Life Podcast Episode 16.  While you’re there, SUBSCRIBE and leave a review and tell me what you think after you listen to a few episodes.  I always want your honest feedback.

Moms, you matter…

This Mother’s Day, as well as the last four, I have been without my own mama because she is in heaven.  I miss her terribly every day, and Mother’s Day is especially hard.  This year, I won’t have my son home either, so I am gearing up for all the emotions this weekend.

However, I am so thankful to know where my mama is and that we will be living eternally together in heaven; and my 18-year old (tomorrow) son is thriving at his new work and loving life!  I am one proud mama of all my kiddos and a Mimi to three precious boys too.  I am blessed, and I pray your Mother’s Day is full of love, joy, and laughter.

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Many Blessings to ya,


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