Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal ~ Book Launch March 12th

Mama Bird Book + Journal

Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal

Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal  is ONE week away from launching!!

After a year and a half of hard but creative work, my book is finally ready!  Mamas, my heart is to serve you well, to encourage you in the hard seasons, and equip you for a better relationship and open communication with your children.  This book, Mama Bird, is for mothers and daughters and its counterpart, Mama Bear, a book for mothers and sons,  will be available by the end of this year.  The book is filled with guided pages as well as “breathing room” to have the day-to-day conversations with your daughters.  I specifically made this book + journal in a way that you can make it your own no matter the ages.  The point is, this book is just between you two, and what you do with it and what comes from it, is the blessings and the gifts!

To hear the heart and intention behind this book listen to my podcast episode HERE I am a lover of feedback, so please take a few minutes and write a review and rate it for me. It helps get the word out so much quicker than I ever could myself.  BIG HUGS in advance for doing that!

Preorders begin March 12th

When you preorder Mama Bird, I will email you a FREE resource printable and screen saver for Daily Prayer Over Your Child.  I want you to know that Mama Bird is a tool and resource to guide your relationships with your daughters into a life-giving breathing open new space.  I am fervently praying over every relationship that will be touched by this book.

Mama Community

Each mama that purchases a Mama Bird book will have the opportunity to join the Mama Bird Movement.  It will be a community of mamas that will mentor, teach, pray over, encourage, love on each other as mamas during every season of life.  We never stop being mamas AMEN!?

Just imagine, a judgment and comparison-free place where God is at the center, and love & learning abounds!!

I am so happy you’re here sweet mama!


Many Blessings to ya,



  1. Cheryl

    March 6th, 2019 at 12:59 am

    Can’t wait!

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