Lesson in Obedience – Part One of Growing in God’s Word



Are you struggling with being obedient to God?

In any season of life, we are called to obedience.

If you are looking to grow in God’s word…let’s grow together in this series.

“You must love the LORD your God and always obey his requirements, decrees, regulations, and commands. ~ Deut. 11:1 (NLT)

The Lenten Season

Each year, I choose to sacrifice or “give up” something to honor God and bring the focus back to Him.  No matter if it does or doesn’t match my religion, I use this season to grow in my personal relationship with God.  I also use this season to “give up” any bad habits, time consumers, or distractions from my family and purpose.  Call it “Spring Cleaning” for my mind, body and soul if you will.  For forty (40) days, I bring my focus and attention back to what matters and to where God has called me to, and in return, our relationship grows.

This Year’s Choice

In previous Lenten seasons, I have chosen to give up sugar, coffee, soda, Pinterest, eBay…and this year it was Raedunn!  Now, if you are a farmhouse lover, you know who and what Raedunn is…and how addicting the hunting and buying can get.  I am not going to divulge my monthly spending costs in the previous month’s leading up to the Lenten season, but let’s just say, I was not being a great steward of my money. We’ll save the money/budget lesson for another part of this growing series.

Why would God care about my Raedunn habit?  Well, I’ll tell you!  Anything that takes precedence over God is an idol, and I had made Raedunn one.  There is nothing wrong with loving Raedunn in your home.  Nothing wrong with buying it either!  However, I had allowed the hunting and buying of it to consume my thoughts, social media feed and focus.  It became and idol, and I knew it was what God was calling me to be obedient about in this season.

Lesson In Obedience

Let’s call it for what it is…anytime we get excited about something…we want to bring someone along for the fun.  Right!?  Well, I homeschool my 7th grade daughter, and she immediately was in for the hunt!  Anytime we went into town for errands, Raedunn hunting/buying was in the forefront of our minds.  When I told her what my choice was for this season, I received a shocked look with a resounding “WHAT!? NO RAEDUNN FOR 40 DAYS!?” Yep! Proud mom moment there.  Not only had I created a monster in me, but I literally brought my mini me in on the gig.

“Now seek the LORD your God with all your heart and soul. Build the sanctuary of the LORD God so that you can bring the Ark of the LORD ’s Covenant and the holy vessels of God into the Temple built to honor the LORD ’s name.” 1 Chronicles 22:19 (NLT)

During the 40 days, we went Raedunn hunting TWICE.  Once in our town and once out of town.  I will admit it…I even got into the check out line during one of these trips!  Have you ever tried to bargain with God?  “God, I know I gave this up for Lent, but I may never find these pieces again.  You don’t really care that I buy this do you?”  Opportunity for lesson in obedience here please.  Standing in that checkout line, with major conviction in my heart, I said to my daughter, “I need to get out of this line and put this stuff back.” her reply, “why mom?” Here’s the obedience part…”I gave it up, and I need to Honor God with my time, focus, heart, mind, and money sweetheart.  God will honor this choice.  He will honor it!”

The Growing

How many days do you think we waited after Easter Sunday to go hunting again?  ONE!  You would’ve thought I had freed my daughter from prison she was so pumped.  I told her on the drive into town, “I have learned a lot in the past 40 days, and it’s important that we learn restraint and balance in all things.”  “I will go Raedunn hunting with you, but only once every month or two and only if I have set aside a budget for it.”  “We will not put anything in our basket that we already have…got it?” her reply, “yes mam” (with a new sense of perspective I was proud of I must add)

Our “goal” was Bowls… #bowlgoals lol  We have never even found one bowl, so it was a lofty goal.  Or so we thought!  Remember the part of the lesson earlier when I told my daughter “God will honor it!”  Well, He did!  Not only did we find 10 bowls, we also found the items that were originally in my shopping cart the time in an earlier shopping trip…when He was convicting my heart big time…yep, He did that!

God cares about what we care about.  God loves us enough to teach us, mold us, convict us, and provide Raedunn bowls for us.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 (NLT)

Many Blessings friends and happy hunting ~


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