Intentional thinking ~ Conquering the What if…?

Spring is here…a new season.  A, hopefully, brighter beginning of growth and change.  Seeing babies born and flowers renewed, I often take this time of year as a time to reflect and evaluate where I am in life; my roles as a wife/mom/entrepreneur…the list goes on and on right!?  We. as women, are born to multi-task!  And if it’s not in our nature, the world tries to force us there…quickly!  The many roles we are responsible for, as well as the many roles we take on, can leave us feeling frazzled and weary…amen!?  For me, I start to go down the rabbit trails of the “what if’s”…they can go DEEP girls….DEEP!  The spiritual battle, okay let’s just face it, the everyday life battle that goes off in our minds as women, mothers, business people, homemakers, stay at home moms, church leaders, teachers and on and on is SO REAL!  How do we conquer the what if mindset the second our thoughts want to take us there?  Truth! We hear it and see it all the time…Faith over Fear; Progress over Perfection, Be the Light, and so many  more affirmations we hold onto…what if we held onto God’s truth too?  Free joy, wisdom, peace, growth, love, forgiveness, grace, mercy…it’s all there!

Intentional thinking

If you’re reading this and on my blog, you know that intentional living, parenting, style and life is what I am about.  In all things, be intentional.  Not scripted or forced…just thoughtful and wiser…I pray.  I see every thing as a lesson, and I learn some things the hard way, well most things the hard way.  My intention here is to help someone NOT have to learn the same lessons the hard way…born a teacher and encourager…it’s just who I am.  Part of self care is self awareness.  The good, bad and ugly about ourselves can be used to help others.  God says it’s a promise in Romans 8:28 “And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV)  So why do our minds do the “what if” game?

My “What if’s”

What if, while we are in Austin, one or all of us trip off a bomb?  Joy stealer!  What if he gets hurt and can’t participate in his football combine?  Joy stealer!  What if Minnie Pearl, our new rescue dog, dies in surgery? What if God doesn’t want us to homeschool again next year?  What if no one reads this?  “What if I can’t finish this furniture project in time?”  “What if my husband’s eyes get focused on some Spring Break babe on the beach while he’s away?”  Girls…all of these and MORE in a matter of two days!  WHY!!!!!????? Does it mean I don’t have faith? NO!  Does it mean I don’t trust the Lord?  No!  It all means I am human…and as long as my thoughts are captured and do not affect my speech or actions…I am walking in faith and trust in the Lord.

Be a conqueror!

Conquering the what if’s of this world and life can be simple if we focus on truth over our lives.  The truth that doesn’t come from the media, or the friend that will go down the deep and dark rabbit hole with us, or anything other than God’s word.  Conquering the what if’s can be hard as well…especially when fear begins to creep in!  One question I want to ask God when we meet in Heaven is “why did becoming a mother add so many avenues for irrational fear?”  Think about it!  Before kids, you wanted to go skydiving…go!  Jump!  Fly!  Now…”what if I die and can’t be there to raise my kids?”  Really!!?? As if, before kids, we still wouldn’t die if it was our time to go?? Part of knowing God’s truth over our lives is trusting in the timing of our death too.  A hard lesson I had to learn the hard way with my mama…remember I told you how I learn…the HARD way.  Ugh!! Stupid strong will!!! Another question I will have for God…”why such a strong will in me and not others?” My will and I definitely have a love/not so much love relationship with each other lol!!  The fear and loneliness of the “what if” trails can make us do some cray things if we let them….don’t let them!  The quote I use in the picture above is one we all know well, but most people cut off the beginning of it…a crucial part.  “There is freedom waiting for you, on the breeze of the day…” some of us are so afraid of failure and of “flying”, but there is FREEDOM waiting for us…all of us! And it’s free ninety free girls…um hello…what women doesn’t love free??


Let’s GROW together mmkay??

I want to encourage you to stop the what if thinking right when it begins; infuse truth into your mind instead; conquer it one baby step at a time; and watch what grows and transform in your life.  Read key verses, but then take the time to read out further, in context of the writing, and place the whole verse and chapter on your heart for later when the what if’s want to creep in.

I’d love for you to stay here a while, grow with me, learn alongside me…Subscribe and stay a while!  Leave me a comment below…let me know if any of this helps…or if it even makes sense to you!!  We are all on a journey, and we don’t have to go it alone!

Many Blessings friend ~




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