Finding Inspiration + Joy on Instagram – New Summer Series #2

Finding Inspiration + Joy

Each week, I am seeking and sharing my inspiration + joy I have found and followed on Instagram.  Being kind is FREE!  Sharing and choosing joy is a little way of using our platforms for goodness and lifting others up.

Every Friday

This New Summer Series will keep going each and every Friday from May – September.  So check back here each week to keep finding new inspiration, joy and laughter.  Better yet…SUBSCRIBE, get your freebie opt-in, and get these posts and others emailed to you!

This week’s goodness

  1. Illustrated Faith A bunch of creatives who LOVE Jesus = Yes Please!! I have followed Illustrated Faith for a long time. They inspired me to use my Bible as the creative God made me to be…plus, I love having a pretty and colorful Bible.  It gets me more into what I am reading/studying when I can then illustrate and create art for each verse the Lord lays into my heart.  Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body (by the way, you do) Illustrated Faith makes it simple.
  2. Angela’s Cozy HomeAs a fellow #chickenmama Angela has the most EPIC chicken coop on Instagram!!! Oh, and Angela has the CUTEST puppies on the planet.  I love following other chicken and dog mamas too.  Cue the clawfoot tub, white farmhouse charm, and beautiful simple decor = GO FOLLOW HER 🙂
  3. Callie @makemediaco Callie makes some of my all-time FAVE fonts.  She also speaks into my soul and makes me LOL most days too because her quotes are so DEAD ON!  Callie is a beautiful creative, and I love her honesty and transparency in the world of “put your pretty on display” world.  Her spirit and her face is pretty!  Her art and creations are pretty too!  You’l love her, I promise!
  4. The Sill As a #plantlover I love following The Sill.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can gain knowledge and inspiration here.  Their #plantsmakepeoplehappy mantra and subscriptions make it so easy to get plants for every room in your home!!  Yay green goodness!
  5. Art of Destinations – Have a travel bug?? Are you an adventurer in spirit and in life???  This account shows you places you’d never even know about otherwise.  I love seeing far off places and dreaming of going to them one day soon.  I love to travel!  They are a member of The Adventure Network and are a pretty addition to your scroll.

Want more inspiration?

I’d love for you to add my Building and Growing Your Best Life Podcast to your week.  Are you new to podcasts? Or are you a fellow podcaster?  Tell me more about ho and what inspires you daily or weekly in the comments.  Here’s the link to my podcast so you can check it out Building and Growing Your Best Life Podcast


Many Blessings to you,


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