How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus

what we know so far

Schools are closing.  Churches are closing.  The world is about to close….at least for a week or two.  Most of our kiddos are on Spring Break, so extending it by a week or two will leave them cheering.

That is until they have to stay in school for an extended time in what would be their Summer.  So how do we talk to our children about what is inevitably going to be an extended time of togetherness as a family?

be open and honest

However, if you are speaking to small children, all they need to know is that “our family is going to stay home more and we will learn together how to wash our hands better”.  Older kids and teens are already being bombarded by conspiracies on Tik Tok, anxiety and fear on Instagram, and jokes about dying on Snapchat!

So how do we, as parents, have the coronavirus conversation with our older kids and teens to combat all they are being bombarded with from their screens?  Now is a great time to discuss authentic faith and trust in the Lord.  Really!!! The world will cause anxiety and fear. They are hearing and seeing all kinds of lies every 5-10 seconds.  It’s important for us to talk openly and honestly with our older children to combat these lies.  Do not let their silence fool you into thinking they are “fine”.  The truth is:

God never leaves us nor forsakes us – Hebrews 13:5

God is in control and is with us wherever we go – Joshua 1:9

more truth for your conversations

Here are some verses to pray and speak over your family, home, work, finances, and community.  Remember: Fear is a Liar!!!  Fear is not of God or from God.

John 4:18 – Proverbs 12:25 – Psalm 23:4 – Matthew 6:34 – 1 Peter 5:6-7 – Luke 12:22-26 – Psalm 55:22 – Mark 6:50 – Deuteronomy 31:6

It’s crucial for us to stay calm and keep our own eyes focused on Jesus and truth from God’s word.

Use this time to rest, really rest!  Begin your Spring cleaning early!  Play board games – Teach your kids a new skill – Bake – Find fun in cooking from the pantry

most of all, please know

We all are going through the same thing.  You are not alone; so stay safe; but know you have someone praying.  Pray for others.  Make it a point to talk to and teach your kids how to serve others.  Have extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies?  Share with your elderly neighbors.  Check on single parents.  Stay in touch with your people who may not live nearby.

We all will get through this!  Calm and peace will go a long way; both in your home and on social media.  Be The Light!

Many Blessing to ya ~




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