How to Build using Pinterest

How we built using Pinterest

When my husband and I married over eight years ago, he had never owned his own home.  He had lived in too many rental houses, and I had always lived with my kids in the same home they came home from the hospital to.  To say that we had different ideas of our “dream home” was an understatement!  How do you build a dream home and mesh two personalities, styles, ideas, etc.?  That’s easy… Pinterest!  Building our dream home, with the help of Pinterest, got us exactly the dream home BOTH of us wanted, and kept us sane and very much still in love.

The build dream began on a…

Napkin!  What?!  Yep, a napkin!  I drew out our house plan on a napkin.  I knew the way I needed our home to function and flow, so I already had in mind the places and locations for where everything needed to be in our new home.  Then came the fun part.  Picking a builder.  Okay, so not really the fun part.  Why is it that when you need a trusted professional, everyone tells you who NOT to use??  We heard a lot of that.  We took our time to do the research, seek out references, and meet with a couple of trusted builders.

What I had setup already through Pinterest was a huge help when talking to the builders.  Being able to put a thought with a picture insured that we would be getting exactly what we wanted in our home.  Then came the bad word…BUDGET!  Now, I am a thrifty queen, but when I want a certain something, I am determined to get it.  My husband and I quickly came to the resolution that he would be the numbers guy and I would be the designer of our home.

It worked out perfectly!  He wasn’t out of his “comfort zone” in trying to make all the little thousands of decisions it takes to design a home from start to finish, and I didn’t have to be bogged down with numbers.  PURE BLISS!!  I highly recommend staying in your lane with each other and communicating the whole way through in order to not only survive a build or renovation, but to come out the other side stronger in your relationship.

Oh how I love thee Pinterest

I am sure most of you have and are using Pinterest for various reasons.  If you have not started, do so.  You will never regret putting inspiration pictures behind the rooms of your future home.  The clarity it brings to the builder and sub contractors is phenominal.  Pinterest not only gives the ability to have inspiration, but also gives you the ability to find the items that a builder or sub may say “you won’t be able to find that here” or “that won’t be in your budget”.  I had that happen on several occasions, and Pinterest came to the rescue.

Our butcher block was “out of the question” budget wise, or so the builder thought.  I was able to source our peninsula counter tops from Ikea We got exactly what we wanted and still had enough left over for our Master Bathroom sink island.  The cost savings was astounding too.  We saved over $3000!  I would have never thought Ikea had butcher block countertops had I not found them in Pinterest.



13×8 feet of awesome

Setting up each room with it’s own board in Pinterest made the design, function and flow of each space seamless.  Finding hard to source items was also made possible through Pinterest.

I found my claw foot tub hardware, butcher block countertops,  kitchen cabinet hardware, door handles, front door, and style of flooring all on Pinterest.  When all was said and one, our dream home was a reality.  It is our sanctuary for sure!

I’d love to help you design your dream home!  Take a look over on my Services tab, and let’s make your dream home happen too.

Many Blessings to ya,



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