Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This year, Father’s Day is also my daughter’s 14th birthday.  It happens every four years; and I try my mama hardest to make it special for both of them!  I’m sharing with you my TOP 10 for Father’s Day.  They are all Amazon Prime which means you can order as late as Thursday and still get it on time…whoo hoo!

We love our fathers!

Every item has been tried, tested and approved by dads and fathers far wand wide in my life, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Here we go:

  1. Vitamins for Dad and his hair – we all know men with great and not so great heads of hair.  personally, my husband is bald, and I love it!  But many others want to KEEP their hair thick and healthy.  These amazing vitamins are highly effective for that!  Work for those growing great beards too.
  2. Keep that hair CLEAN Whether it’s on his head or on his face…THIS shampoo is so good for both!  And it smells soooooo good.
  3. And we’re keeping it GROOMED too – all your special guy/man/dad in your life will ever need for personal grooming.
  4. Dad’s love THIS outdoor game Playing outdoors and competition have always been a hit with dads.  I am linking two different versions for ya 🙂 Here’s a less expensive version Less expensive version here I have both built some and bought some…having many of these available means bbqing with friends is way more fun.
  5. Super Stylish & Functional We all work or read in the bed….if you don’t, it’s only because you NEED THIS!  Works so well for laptops, books, ipads, etc.  It also folds flat and can be stored away beside the bedside tables or under the bed.
  6. HOLY MOLY what an awesome gift this is!! Everyone will benefit from this gift!  It helps dad’s (and mama’s) tired feet, legs and backs SO much.  It is an on-going gift with and affordable investment too.  Did I mention it has heat & massage….ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  7. Gets used EVERYWHERE we go!  You can’t go wrong with this reclining chair!  It’s river, back porch, and drive-in movie tested and approved.
  8. Fit BETTER than air pods and they are cheaper, so if one or both get lost, they can be replaced a lot easier!
  9. LASTS AND LASTS BEST WET/DRY ELECTRIC RAZOR EVER!! and shhhhhhh it may have gotten used for my legs every now and again 🙂
  10. Helping Dad stay organized & stylish for travel too this leather bag is so functional and stylish.  It is soft leather and holds everything the need + more.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

The guys in our lives work so hard, and we always want to show our love and appreciation to them; and now you have an easy 7 affordable Father’s Day Gift Guide at your fingertips.

Here is my link to my whole Amazon page so you can find a ton of inspo for all the peeps in your family The Farmhouse native – Amazon Page

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Enjoy and Happy Shopping ya’ll


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