Choosing Joy Amidst COVID-19

Choosing Joy in a Crisis?

Yes!  Now is the time we all need to find and choose joy the most.  The world has shut down; and we’re all cooped up together.  It is our new reality.  So how can we choose joy amidst a crisis and COVID-19?


Acceptance of this new reality is key.  There is nothing about this crisis that we can control other than staying safe and staying at home right?  The sooner our minds can accept this truth; the sooner our perspectives can shift towards the positives.  And there are positives!  Families are sleeping more, children are less stressed and having fewer meltdowns in most cases, and the slower pace of life is truly giving us all a break.  It is completely okay if you have moments of coming apart.  We are all human.  And it’s okay that sometimes that happens in front of your kids too.  They will benefit from seeing us vulnerable and how we can come back from that.  It’s life skills at its finest.

Faith over Fear

Our son became a firefighter this year and was attending EMT school.  He had frontline duties and responsibilities in the area of Texas that was hit the hardest by this virus first.  As his mama, I wanted to worry and be fearful for his safety.  He’s struggled with asthma most of his life, and his lungs are already a risk factor.

But God clearly instructs us, “Do not fear” and “Do not be afraid” 365 times in the Bible.  Did you know that is one a day goodness right there in the truth of God’s word for us daily!?  God is so good.

Make time each day to pray.  Pray for your family, home, neighbors, medical community, etc.  Just Pray.

Have some fun

Finding ways to have fun with your teens and kids lightens the load on your whole home.  Our daughter set up her “bistro” last night, cooked us dinner, and served us as if we came to her restaurant.  She was overjoyed about making us come to her podium to announce our arrival, serving us a “fancy” meal, and lit up when we ooohh’d and ahhh’d over what she created.

It’s the little things right?  We finally ave beautiful weather and can walk for hours with the dogs outside.  We wave at others from a safe social distancing space.  I’ve never seen more people of all ages walking and exercising outside in my life!  It is so wonderful to see.

Some other fun things to do this week…make a Heart (of any size or bright color) and hang it in your window.  #hangaheart is taking over to show our neighborhood first respsonders that we are praying for them and appreciating them so much for fighting this battle for us and with us.


I pray this post encourages you to choose joy today.  Share this with others so they too know you care and only want to #spreadpositivity

Many Blessings to you,


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