Finding Inspiration + Joy on Instagram – NEW Summer Series

Faith, Family, Joy

May 24, 2019

NEW Summer Series – Top 5 Friday Faves on Instagram We’re all scrolling, and sometimes, my scroll stops.  Like a hard stop!  I am always seeking new inspiration + joy on social media.  Certain accounts I follow and have grown to love, cherish and adore not only the account but also the person or people […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019 + You Matter

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May 7, 2019

***this post DOES contain some Affiliate Links*** Mother’s Day Gift Guide What I love about gift guides, especially ones linked with Amazon Prime.  Well, it’s simple and easy for our last-minute oh so ever appreciative of mom family members to shop for us 2-3 days before Mother’s Day! (she says sarcastically) No, but really.  Who […]

God Gives You Strength

Faith, Joy, Living

March 13, 2019

God gives you Strength Did you know that your were created with five (5) main strengths?  And when we tap into these strengths, we are able to become fully who God created us to be. There are truths to who you are.  They are highly valuable to building and growing your best life. How do […]

Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal ~ Book Launch March 12th

Faith, Family, Joy, Living

March 5, 2019

Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal Mama Bird Book + Life-Giving Journal  is ONE week away from launching!! After a year and a half of hard but creative work, my book is finally ready!  Mamas, my heart is to serve you well, to encourage you in the hard seasons, and equip you for a better […]

5 Ways to Guard Your Heart

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February 13, 2019

5 Ways to Guard Your Heart Hang on a second!  All you ever hear in the world, especially the week or month of Valentines, is “follow your heart”.  So why am I talking to you today on this blog post and in the podcast episode  HERE  about the five ways to  “guard your heart”? Well, I’m […]