Most Asked Questions About Life Coaching

Joy, Living

February 22, 2020

The Most Asked Questions about Life Coaching   How does a “session” work? In working with me, our sessions are one hour each.  We can meet up to two times a week, but most clients prefer one session per week.  There is homework after each session.  Our sessions can be over the phone or via […]

Praying Over Your Children

Faith, Family, Joy, Living

January 28, 2020

Praying Over your Children Our year is already flying by.  Your child and/or children are growing just as quickly!  We, as parents, have a calling and purpose to pray over them daily. The stresses and anxieties of this world do not stop short of our children in these technology-ridden environments they live in.  Technology and […]

Best Blogger Cookie Recipes – Christmas Cookie Edition

Family, Joy

December 3, 2019

It’s Christmas Cookie time! Some of my favorite memories and traditions, as noted in my earlier bog post here, always include baking! Christmas yummies and goodies to share as gift is what we do year after year. I wanted to help you find some of my tried and true Christmas cookie recipes from some of […]

5 Christmas Traditions to Keep for the Coming Decades

Faith, Family, Joy, Living

November 19, 2019

Christmas Traditions With the last Christmas of this decade coming up in 36 days (I had to look that up lol), it’s a great year to incorporate some new family traditions to take into every decade after this one ends this Christmas.  Can you still remember the traditions your grandparents and parents held when you […]

God Gives You Strength

Faith, Joy, Living

March 13, 2019

God gives you Strength Did you know that your were created with five (5) main strengths?  And when we tap into these strengths, we are able to become fully who God created us to be. There are truths to who you are.  They are highly valuable to building and growing your best life. How do […]

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