Hi native friends! So happy to have you here...let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Melissa Crossland, and I was born in Memphis, TN. I was raised most of my life
in the great state of Texas, and it is where I call home.  My life's journey through abuse of all forms, abandonment, trust issues, anxiety, depression, rape, miscarriages,
and an alcoholic ex-husband have all prepared me for my purpose and calling! 
Breaking the cycles of generational sin, and overcoming every
struggle and trial, as a woman, wife and mama in this life, equipped me to be your
truth speaker, God seeker, and Spiritual Growth Life Coach.  

 I've learned how to build and grow a well-loved home and life. 
Speaking, writing, podcasting, and life coaching are my ministry, and
God has blessed my voice and creativity in so many ways! 
I'm happy you're here friends.

"No matter your struggle, you are never alone, and together, we can do hard things!"