15 Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day

It’s one of the BEST days of the year to snag deals; but if you are on a budget or paying for everything with cash (hello Dave Ramsey), Prime day for Amazon may not be the prime day for your budget.  So, I made it my mama mission to find great deals that will still be AWESOME on next Monday (which is pay day for most folks!)  Amazon may change the prices a tad, but they should still be heck of a deals come next week’s pay day.

If you’ve been here for a hot minute, you know I am all about designing, organizing and beautifying things and spaces with a thrifty mindset.  I am always on the hunt for the dupe; but always keeping quality in mind as well.

I am giving you 15 Amazon Prime Day Deals that will still be Prime and possible for your budget next Monday…or anytime you can checkout before the Prime Day Deals end.


For the mama:

  1. Dog mama that is… here is the latest Furbo Doggie Camera with 2-way audio and it throws treats to your dog.  I love this thing!  With going back to school, work or still traveling, this gadget is the BEST when we have to leave our pups.
  2. Ya’ll!!!  I love to fish and kayak.  We live super close to the water, so this Inflatable 2-person Kayak  is a STEAL!  Easy to carry, unload/load and air pump to get you on the water and fishing in no time.
  3. School has already begun for some of my homeschool and year round schooling friends.  That calls for this Crockpot that will have dinner on the table in under 10 minutes.  Yes please!
  4. This has been one of m FAVORITE quick mornings helper!  You cannot go wrong with getting this deal.  The Hand Mixer alone for smoothies, milk frothing lattes, and more is worth this price!
  5. BUY ONE IN EVERY COLOR it’s that comfy and nice!!!  This Maxi Dress will go anywhere with you (school, church, grocery store, etc) on the days when Nike shorts or yoga pants are getting washed 🙂

For the Casa:

  1. Just get it!!!  You will never have to buy another Vacuum Cleaner again….ever!  I love my Dyson Animal so much with four doggies.
  2. Meal Prep Help Bento Boxes here…life saver and GAME CHANGER for us!
  3. I’m getting TWO that’s all I’m sayin.  Whether you put fruit, essential oils or nothing in your water/tea/lemonade/Koolaid this Glass Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid is perfection!
  4. Heck of a deal for all of us Costco and Sam’s Club shoppers!  Food Saver DEAL you cannot beat that price!

For the Kids:

  1. This Sprinkler + Splash Pad is a “must have” in the Summer heat.  So many hours of fun for the kiddos.
  2. In Texas, we FLOAT rivers.  It is so much fun for the whole family.  66% off…go NOW to get THIS
  3. Art fun for Indoor Play time HERE
  4. This is PERFECT for parents, teens and younger kids….and a steal of a deal! FOR THE WHOLE CREW
  5. HOLY MOLY WHAT A DEAL ON THESE… I may be stocking up for Christmas 120 Colored Pencils – Artist Quality
  6. I love this for all things family road trips, reunions, or anytime you want to be IN THE PICTURE too mom.  Great price as well Phone/Tablet Tripod

We’ll friends, I hope you enjoy some of these as well.  Remember:  These are affiliate links, so I do get a tiny commission when you shop my Amazon Page – The Farmhouse Native

There are categories for a ton of goodies, gifts and more there.  Happy middle of the Summer friends!

Many Blessings to ya,


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